New Build

We love to build new houses and no matter what building regulations apply in your area (we currently build to code 3 and 4), we can help.
We have an extensive panel of experienced architects that we will be able to call upon for all different kinds of construction.

There are many different types of criteria that new homes are measured by. We will ensure that you meet these criteria’s needed to be up to code. This includes the materials that are used, as we will reuse any materials that can be used, as well as locate the nearest materials to reduce emissions. Pollution from your new build will be at the lowest standards, so you are ensured you are helping the environment.

There is also a lot of waste that is created during a typical construction process. We will ensure that this waste is kept to a bare minimum, as we will make sure we use as much as we can so there is not a lot of waste.

Contact us today and let us build your dream home!

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