Steel Framework Building

What is a Steel Framework Building?

For a great working environment, whether it’s for a factory, office, warehouse, leisure or hospital it is crucial to have a building that is sturdy, robust and will serve its purpose well. This is where a steel framework building comes into its own, they are individually designed and finished to very high standards using top quality materials. Any size, shape, style and layout can be designed to suit individual requirements, outer wall cladding is also taken into consideration to blend in with the surrounding area.

Here at your wish is our command, we offer extremely competitive prices. Buildings are erected to clients’ specifications and are more than capable of housing any type of business. They are aesthetically pleasing on the eye with modern architectural features and when heat-saving glazing is installed, the end product is extremely attractive. A steel framework building is manufactured and constructed by a team of experienced builders who use modern techniques with durability as well as permanency in mind.

Benefits of Steel Framework Buildings

Using this type of framework has many benefits, for instance choosing a low roof helps to keep heating expenses fairly minimal in say a factory. A warehouse would benefit from a high eaved roof and large doors in order for pallet storage facilities and vehicle loading to be easily accessed. Another plus when choosing a steel framework building is that it can be extended as your business grows and built very quickly. This can save business people time and money, helping them to continue running their company throughout the building of the extension.

What’s involved in the construction?

The concept of a steel framework building is that it can withstand compressive stress within the structure as square or round tubular steel sections are often used, sometimes being filled with concrete. They are connected to steel beams with threaded fasteners and bolts that are riveted together, enabling resistance to higher bending moments within the beams.

Office buildings usually have raised floors with the space underneath being used for cables and air handling ducts. Fire resistant materials are also used to protect the framework should a fire occur, the beams are sometimes encased in concrete, plasterboard or spray painted with an additional insulated coating.

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about a steel framework building get in touch by telephone or e-mail and a friendly adviser will offer advice on the many options suitable for your particular needs. Professionals can also make suggestions on how to create more space within the build, the amount of natural lighting required along with the best flooring to have installed. They can carry out site surveys, give technical support as well as providing detailed CAD plans for retail units, agricultural buildings or housing, to name a few of the various types of constructions. Look at the information available, it’s very interesting to read and may certainly help to finalise your plans regarding a building that will last for many years.

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