Ground Source Heat Pumps

More and more householders are considering alternative methods to heat their homes in a more eco-friendly way. Ground source heat pumps are now seen as an innovative way to do just this, they are unobtrusive and energy efficient.

Ground source heat pumps use pipes that are buried in the garden taking heat from the ground which in turn provides heat for radiators and underground heating systems, including hot water. Heat pumps need electricity to run however the heat they take from the ground, air or water is constantly being renewed in a natural way.

How They Work

This type of heating system is ideal for homes and can help reduce the carbon footprint, lowering your home’s carbon emissions too, great news for the environment and your pocket. There are many benefits to using ground source heat pumps, for instance, no fuel deliveries required to your property, lower fuel bills especially for homes that use conventional electric heating, as well as requiring very little maintenance.

Many homeowners may wonder if a ground source heat pump is suitable for them, to answer this there are a few questions to be considered. Is your garden suitable for a ground loop? It doesn’t have to be that large, however big enough to dig a trench or bore hole and of course must be accessible for digging machinery. It’s also necessary for your home to be well insulated and draught-proof, this could make the system smaller and cheaper. Is this type of system intended for a new development? When combining installation with other building work, the cost is often reduced dramatically.

Running costs

We at offer new builds and install efficient heating energy for your home’s needs. Running ground source heat pumps effectively will depend on a number of factors such as the size of the house and how well insulated it is. This type of under-floor heating system is more efficient than radiators as the water doesn’t need to be heated to high temperatures, therefore the running costs are much cheaper. It’s a good idea to set temperatures to experience the benefits of lower heating bills too, maybe around 18-21 degrees centigrade or whatever is comfortable for you.

Sound advice

Not only do we install ground source heat pumps in our buildings, we can also advise consumers how to use the controls, making the most out of this energy saving system. Savings on domestic and commercial utility bills can be quite considerable when under-floor heating is used correctly, so any queries or questions you may have can be answered by speaking to experts who can help you.

Request a quotation

To find out more about the cost of this different form of energy saving home heating, request a quote online or contact a member of staff on 01795 522014 who will provide you with a competitive price. It’s suggested that ground source heat pumps systems are going to increase dramatically in homes over the next few years, so why not make enquiries today?