Rain Water Harvesting

With the ever-growing demand for water and increase in costs, home owners are looking for rainwater recycling systems. It’s a relatively new concept within the UK, however many people are realising rain water harvesting has an eco-friendly impact on the local environment.

The practice of capturing rain water and storing it for later use is documented from Roman times, however in industrial countries such as the United Kingdom it died away when mass supplies of water systems were introduced. As modern technology advances roles are now beginning to reverse with many commercial and household property owners showing an interest in this alternative management of rain water harvesting.

To implement rain water harvesting systems you require a water tank or a water butt depending on how you wish to store water and what you need it for. Water butts are ideal for garden use, whilst if you want to save a large amount of water for your home as well as garden, a water tank makes the perfect solution. Home owners have the option of having tanks above or below ground, either way we supply a filter system that has a UV cleaner which the rain water passes through before entering the tank. This makes the water perfect for use in the home, it’s clean with the UV killing 99.9% of germs so obviously safe to be used as drinking water too.

You may wonder how rain water harvesting works. When it rains the water enters the guttering of your house or building then it simply trickles down the pipe and goes into an Ecosure Pre-Filter, then travels into the water tank to be stored. The majority of tanks manufactured in the UK are made from strong, durable plastic and also come in a range of different colours.

Reasons to harvest rain water

There are many reasons for home owners to turn to rain water harvesting, one is climate change, the world is having less rain which obviously means less water that could result in restricting drinking water and hosepipe bans for gardens. Naturally as with other utility costs water bills rise annually too which can put more pressure on finances. We can install a system that collects rain water for you to use for your domestic household appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, showers and toilets along with being able to water your garden.

Advantages of storing rain water

Quite simply the main advantage of storing rain water is that it falls from the sky so is absolutely free, apart from saving you money it’s harvesting a natural resource making you more self-sufficient and not having to depend on supplied water. We believe in eco-friendly buildings and installing easy to use tank equipment which is ideal for domestic use, schools, businesses and agricultural organisations.

What will it cost?

Give us a call today or contact us us at www.grandebuild.co.uk and we can discuss in more detail our competitive prices. We always offer customers a reliable and friendly service