Solar Panels For Electricity

Help the environment and cut your own carbon footprint by installing solar panels for electricity into your home. These fabulous products provide a cheap form of electricity direct from sunlight by capturing the sun’s energy, turning it into electricity which can be used to run many household appliances including lighting.

PV cells actually don’t require direct sunlight to work, surprisingly householders can still generate some electricity even on cloudy days. The PV cells are basically panels which are attached to your roof or walls, when light shines on the cells it creates an electric field across the layers so the stronger the sunshine, the more electricity is produced. Solar panel electricity is a renewable energy which doesn’t release harmful carbon dioxide or other such pollutants into the atmosphere.

How They Work

Are solar panels for electricity suitable for your home? Householders need a roof or wall that faces within ninety degrees south and certainly isn’t obstructed by trees or buildings, if it does the system will generate far less energy. Will your roof be strong enough? Solar panels are not light in weight so the roof must be strong enough to take the necessary weight especially when panels are placed on existing tiles. If you have any doubts or concerns contact us for more advice and helpful information.

In the United Kingdom you don’t need planning permission for solar panels for electricity systems as long as they are below a certain size, have a word with our professional staff if you’re unsure especially if your property is a listed building, in a conservation area or a World Heritage site.

It makes sense to make more use of solar electricity, it’s efficient, reliable and can make your finances regarding utility bills stretch that much further. Make more use of solar panels for electricity when the sun is out, for instance do your laundry by taking advantage of this free electricity. It’s an energy source well worth investing in and is quite reasonable to install when you use our professional services since prices have dropped in the last couple of years. Savings can be considerable by using solar energy power especially when it generates around 50% of an average household’s yearly electricity requirements.

Consumer benefits

One of the great things about installing solar panels is that generally the maintenance is very small, you obviously need to keep the panels clean and ensure that trees or leaves don’t blot out the sunlight. One of the benefits many consumers are not aware of when having solar panels for electricity is that you can make money on excess electricity by selling it back to the grid provider through an innovative scheme called Feed in Tariffs. We can certainly provide you with more help and advice on this along with any other questions or queries you may have.

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