Solar Panels For Heating

Solar panels for heating aren’t just great news for householders but great for the environment too. They can provide water heating systems that use the sun’s free energy source to provide domestic hot water throughout the year. Statistics have shown, even in the United Kingdom where the sun doesn’t shine all year round, solar energy can still account for around two thirds of domestic annual hot water requirements.

Naturally key components of installing solar systems are the panels themselves, these are obviously used for heating water so are not quite the same as those used for generating electricity. These types of solar panels for heating require plates known as solar thermal collectors which come in two forms, flat plate collectors and solar evacuated tubes, don’t let this technical jargon worry you too much as our experienced staff can explain in more detail how the system works.

How They Work

Rest assured we can install solar panel heating with the minimum of fuss with virtually no upheaval or inconvenience to you or your property. The panels themselves are specially coated to absorb the sun’s energy, this then transfers the heat into a special fluid contained in copper piping which when heated up is transferred into a hot water cylinder. When your water is heated and you’re ready to use it straight out of the tap, the solar heating fluid returns to the thermal collector to carry out the same process all over again.

The pros for solar panel heating

The main pro for solar panels for heating installed into your home is that they use free energy to heat your domestic water therefore saving you hundreds of pounds on your annual utility bills. Another benefit is that the environment is kept cleaner due to the reduced carbon emissions and less burning of fossil fuels to provide heat, perfect for future generations. Governments around the world are promoting home heating alternatives to encourage the use of renewable energy sources especially from solar thermal panels, check out online for further details for the very latest information.

Choosing an alternative form of heating

When choosing solar panels our advisers can discuss with you where they will be situated on your roof, which is usually facing a southerly direction. If you think solar panels for heating are for you then contact us at by e-mail or telephone to arrange for someone to take a look at your property to see if it’s suitable to have solar power installed.

Competitive prices

If you would like more on prices and a free no-obligation quote on a solar water heating system then contact us at your convenience. If you think your home would benefit from solar power heating, we can help with the perfect solution in reducing your heating costs by installing this great system at a competitive price. We are confident you will be completely satisfied with our excellent services and outstanding workmanship, so much so why not recommend us to your family and friends.